Children’s Mental Health Week 2020: Find your brave (compiled by: Elizabeth Ita)

First launched by the charity Place2Be in 2015, this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week focuses on the theme – “find your brave”.

The initiative aims to highlight to young people that being brave does not mean coping alone with mental health concerns.

Place2Be suggests sharing worries, asking for help, trying something new and being pushed outside your comfort zone can be beneficial to young people.

In her message, the duchess, royal patron of the charity, the Duchess of Cambridge, wrote: “For many children today, the world can feel a scary and daunting place.

“While we might not always feel brave inside, even the smallest act – such as sharing a worry or asking for help – can be incredibly courageous.

“Helping children to feel confident about seeking support can have a transformational impact on their lives.

“Being able to try new things and push ourselves outside of our comfort zone are important skills that can build children’s resilience and self-esteem.

“Children can tap into huge reserves of courage if given the right support”, says Jonathan Wood of mental health counselling charity Place2Be

How do we find our courage? How do we take that brave step to face challenges in our lives – challenges that we do not know the outcome of? And how do we support and encourage our children to face the difficulties in their lives?

All of us face many transitions throughout our lives, from being weaned to starting school, from joining high school to starting our first job, and from leaving home to starting a family, to name just a few.

All of these require us to step out of our comfort zones, to take a risk, to face the unknown. But courage is not only an in-built characteristic. All of us have a level of courage – almost an instinctual drive – which pushes us forward into growth.

Catherine Roche, chief executive of Place2Be, added: “This week, schools across the UK are helping pupils understand what it means to be brave.

“Life often throws challenges our way, and it’s important that children of all ages know it’s not a weakness to speak up or ask for help. We are delighted that our Royal Patron is once again offering her support for the campaign. Around three children in every class have a mental health problem, so it’s vital that we reach as many people as possible with this important message.”

Join us as we celebrate #ChildrensMentalHealthWeek.

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