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            Written by: 🌹🌹 #BlackFrancis 🌹🌹

People are going through a lot in this season

A lot of people have come to realize they’ve led a lonely life even while living with people. Others now understand that when people smile & laugh with you, it doesn’t necessarily mean they love you.

Relatives are looking for love outside the home, people are in actual isolation… They now lack communication, attention, care and love.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, more Whatsapp groups are being created. People are joining in just to find a community of friends they can talk to…

If you’ve never had a reason to be kind, please find one now.
Don’t be the reason someone gets depressed.
Don’t force a person to be in absolute isolation.
Whatever it takes, just make someone smile.

Depression kills faster than Coronavirus.
Be Kind.

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