Welcome To Society

- Written by: Mercy-Hephzibah Esang

Welcome to society, where the same people who body-shame you will be the first to throw stones at you for committing suicide over the depression that followed their rude comments.

Yesterday they said ” Why’re you fat like this? A beautiful small girl that you were, now you’re just a round shapeless ball”

Today they say ” That girl was foolish o. Is she the first fat person? Why will she kill herself because she felt ugly?”

Welcome to society, where most people don’t know how to speak, when to speak and when to keep quiet. Where people judge people to feel superior to people.

“I wash twice a day so that my children’s clothes are never dirty” would have been a piece of great inspiring advice if they didn’t add “And you’re here saying that washing weekly is tiring. You’re lazy o”

Welcome to a society where people know what others should be doing with their lives.

“Don’t mind that one, if I were in her shoes, I would finish school before getting married”

“See them, planning a wedding when all they have is 50,000 monthly payments on their jobs. Me I must build mansion before I marry, my children cannot suffer”

So just before you let the words of people who didn’t give you life drain the life in you; just before you curl up in a corner and weep and question your beauty, your abilities and your decisions, ask yourself ” Who decides my worth?” Because if you give that power to society, you will never be happy.

Make it a habit to look at a mirror and tell yourself truthfully :
“I am beautiful, I need to work out and keep my body in shape, I’ll find out about dieting and exercising but while my body conforms, I will enjoy this one life God gave me. I am beautiful. Period.”

What I’m saying is: take charge of your life. Take charge of your emotional well-being. Don’t leave it to society to kill what they didn’t birth. Don’t walk one more day with your head and shoulders down because you don’t fit society’s definition of “beauty and success”. Forgive them. Forgive yourself also for letting their weightless words weigh you down. Now pick yourself up. Enjoy this one life, God alone gave you.

And when you feel less-than, not-good-enough or when hurtful words come at you like a swarm of bloodthirsty mosquitoes, rest in the assurance that He who is more-than-enough loves and accepts you!

Who’s in charge of your life?
Society or Jesus?


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