Daily Routine – Yay or Nay?

We are creatures of habit. These habits – good or bad – sometimes grow to become routines and we thrive on routine consciously or subconsciously. This is why even though we are cognizant of the benefits of having good habits, it can get tough to stick to a healthy daily routine. But having a daily routine not only makes you more efficient, but it also eliminates your need to waste time deciding what to do next.

A lot of people harbour the misconception that a routine is too rigid & stringent but it can be the most freeing decision you may ever make. Having a routine doesn’t have to be boring; it doesn’t necessarily involve staying cooped up in an office all day for the rest of your life. Your routine could be travelling to a different country every month. It could be making that decision to be more friendly or making the decision to learn a new language. In life, most of the things that bring us happiness don’t come through immediate gratifications but require sacrifice. It could be being routinely un-routine. The point is not what the routine consists of, but how steady your mind becomes through repetitive actions & promising outcomes.

Some important things to note:

1. Habit > mood > our experiences

Renown Psychologist, Robert Thayer argues that moods are created by our habitualness: how much we sleep, how frequently we move, what we think, how often we think it, and so on. This is strong proof that it’s not just one thought or experience that has the power to throw our existence into chaos: it’s the pattern; the habits we allow that matter.

2. Know your power. Don’t let fear rule.

As a kid, i loves playing minesweep. It was a game about mines and while I played, I had to be careful so I didn’t go kaboom. So also is it with the mind. An untamed mind is like a minefield. Anything can go kaboom at any time without self-control or regulation. You may have a presentation at school the next day & because there’s no regulation or control, you spend all day and all night watching movies or hanging out. Its not worth the consequences that will follow. You must understand that you have the power to make the right choices every time. Don’t let your impulses or fear tell you otherwise.

3. Happiness = Quality

More isn’t always better. But better is always better. The only thing better that better is ‘best’. Happiness doesn’t necessarily mean experiencing something new. It could mean continually experiencing what you have in other different ways.

4. Fast & Furious or Slow & meticulous? Take your pick.

We’re obsessed with the past & furious movie. Who wouldn’t? Its a classic. In real life, being constantly on the edge can have far-reaching consequences. People with healthy routines have joy & peace to live their best lives always.

5. Having a healthy daily routine brings content

If you decide to learn a new skill, and you commit 2 hours a day to learning, you affirm not only your choice to begin but your ability to do it. Its validating.

It’s important to note:

A lack of routine is just a perpetual breeding breeding ground for procrastination. Want to break out? Start setting up your daily routine.

Comment below what you want to start doing.

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