One-Sentence Reminders For When You Feel stuck

Being stuck isn’t a good feeling. It’s choking. It’s suffocating. It’s not a good place to be. You feel that you are not moving forward or backwards. In a word; you feel stuck.

I have been at this place too many times to count… When it feels as if I’m sinking in quicksand without any salvation. I want to move. I should move. But no matter how hard I think I try, I can’t. In those times, I have fear & anxiety as neighbours. My mind wants to control & push. And more often than nought, it stems from insecurity. Just like every human, I want to be secure, be loved, and I think that if I could just control certain outcomes, all would be well.

But what if being stuck isn’t the problem, but how we perceive it? Most times, ‘stuck’ is a label we give to a normal part of life.

It’s not until I am willing to be real that I begin to see things from a different perspective. Here are some reminders for when you feel stuck & overwhelmed:

1. Breathe.

2. Know that there is a difference between being unconsciously stagnane & purposely still.

3. Own your feelings or else they’ll own you.

4. Practive mindfulness to get more in tune with whats happening around you.

5. Please be kind to yourself.

6. Please be kind to others, too.

7. Sometimes it can feel as if there is no kindness in our darkest moments but kind humans are there.

8There is no shame in asking for help, and those who shame you for doing so don’t deserve your company.

9. It’s okay to lean on those humans if that’s what makes you feel better.

10. Leaning on the ones who love you doesn’t mean that you’re weak.

11. Leaning on the ones who love you doesn’t mean that you’re broken.

12. Leaning on the ones who love you doesn’t mean that you’re somehow incapable or insecure.

13. People need people—and leaning into that is okay.

14. It’s also okay if you want to process your feelings on your own.

15. Feeling stuck is suffocating, and there’s nothing poetic about it.

16. Sometimes writing out your feelings can make you understand yourself better.

17. Being stuck doesn’t mean that you’re a failure.

18. It’s okay to protect your peace.

19. It’s ok if you don’t know what to say.

20. It’s okay if you can’t pinpoint exactly what it is that’s making you feel the way you do.

21. It’s okay to cry.

22. It’s okay to yell.

23. It’s okay to laugh.

24. It’s okay to love, even when things feel chaotic.

25. It’s okay to feel.

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