Frequently Asked Questions

You can volunteer with us by exploring our various volunteer opportunities, such as event support, peer mentorship, social media advocacy, and administrative assistance.

We appreciate any amount of time you can dedicate! Whether you have a few hours to spare during Children’s Mental Health Week or wish to commit more long-term, we welcome your contributions. Our volunteer roles offer flexibility to accommodate different schedules.

We value passion and dedication above all. While specific skills might be helpful for certain roles, enthusiasm, empathy, and a willingness to make a difference are the most important attributes. We provide training and guidance to volunteers as needed.

Many of our volunteer opportunities can be done remotely, allowing individuals from different locations to contribute. However, some roles might require local participation for events or specific activities. We’ll provide details about remote or local involvement for each opportunity.

As a volunteer, you’ll receive necessary guidance, resources, and support from our team. We offer training sessions, detailed role descriptions, and ongoing assistance to ensure you feel empowered and confident in your volunteer role.

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