Struggling to bloom?

I have always loved plants. There’s something soothing about putting a seed into the ground, watering it and tenderly watching it grow. As a mother hen, sometimes I sit by and water those plants to green perfection. Other times, like a human, I forget & I have to bear the pains of watching my darling plants go brown & wilt. And some other times, no matter how hard I water them, if the sun gets too hot, they get brown & wilt anyways.

The key takeaway here is to change the environment where the plant is rooted. It’s not about the plant but about where it’s planted. So also it is with us. A lot of the times, we fail to grasp just how much our immediate environment affects our work, our health, our choices & decisions. We continue to push still rooted in the same spot.

If you don’t like where you are, MOVE. You’re not a tree.

It is in these times we become our worst critic. We force ourselves to try harder to be green. We run ourselves down and dry.

If where you are isn’t serving you, MOVE. Sometimes you just need to see life from a different perspective. Hang upside down if you must; talk to a friend, travel, go on a personal retreat.

What works for you?
Are you providing your mind and body with an environment to grow green & free?

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